What have we been up to?? 

A strange year of course.

Its started off with several new collaborations with a new and highly talented singer/songwriter from Berlin. This resulted in several new tracks for other artists which we hope to hear finalised soon.  She Wants Me In Stereo was written completely during 2020 lockdown, and was a lot of fun to create bouncing tracks between Scotland and Germany to get it finished.

In between all that songwriting we have a number of new tracks which are pretty much complete musically but just need…

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Hi all, We are currently working on 10 new tracks..and involving a few new collaborations as well,...excited to have some of that old UniYou mojo back..

As soon as we have some snippets to release, we will!!



Thinking thinking thinking ...

New songs in the mix..covers in the mix..searching for ideas..

Work underway on the next UniYou tracks


Alter Bridge ..and me! 

Hell yeh, ..such lovely guys ....and the ultimate gig..on the barrier :]

No, I dont want to leave you! 

Our latest video is up....a bit of classic Led Z rock turned around with the Universal You twist....let us know what u think.. :]

New video...sooon! 

Hello everyone

A new video is coming out very soon....come back and have a look in the next few days

For what song??? What do you think??


Guess where we have been for some inspiration..?? 

EP Re-release 

Our Perfect EP was re-released yesterday on 12 April. The reason for the re-release is that it is now out on our own Label Joesoap Records. We signed to a label to release that EP and hopefully more after that as we thought that was a step in the right direction after releasing all our other songs on our own label, but frankly speaking they were so so very useless and did nothing for us....DIY seems best.. unless you can find people with the same passion, enthusiasm and energy for what you do then dont…

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Just wanted to say thanks on here for all the great messages we have had since release of our new single I Don't Wanna See. Thanks for everyone who has visited YouTube and Facebook and of course those who have spent some pennies on iTunes to download the track. appreciated!!!