New Release 01 Sept 14 - Perfect EP

Universal You bring you lightness from dark places, and joy from the underbelly of life: each dead end in existence and every failed relationship brings you to a place of perfect numbness from which renewal springs; they reflect this with weaponry taken from every corner of the musical arsenal, from the beguiling and unique balladry of lead singer Gulzhan, to the puncturing riffs of Guitarist Mark Grant, underpinned by the programming and hypnotic synth riffs of Producer and long time Collaborator Paul Finnie;

They journey between and through genres bringing descriptions such as ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers meets Calvin Harris and Madonna’ and “The Universal You which only you find will be The Universal You your imagination plucks from their delicious intentional diversity, and provides your eclectic imagination room to breath and enjoy everything from Dance to Rap to Rock to Trance” enjoy it all because it is all Your Universal You!

Named after a song by the Cult, Universal You : “All God’s Children, they got heart, they got swagger, they got truth”, and Universal You Give You Truth both sonically and in their words of Life & Love and Reality. They are definitely unique and looking to reach more people disenfranchised by the media pigeonholed universe we inhabit; bringing us both stunning reworked Covers from Metallica and Led Zeppelin and unique original material:

The ‘Perfect’ EP:



Nothing Else Matters (cover)

Find A Way [The Joesoap Remix]

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (cover)

Released on Raven Black Music® on all major digital music platforms soon

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