New single released today



Our new single "torn" is released today!. Its great when a song is finally out for everyone to hear. After spending a lot of time recording, mixing and listening to tracks over and over until they are right you…


TV interview

I was interviewed last week by a TV channel.... when it hits the screens I will let you know.. ;]


Next single release date

So our next single "torn" is out on 11 November. Hit iTunes and Amazon to pick up a copy for under $1 or £1!!! or the price of a tin of coke! Crazy isnt it??!?! 

Really enjoyed recording "torn". We…


Jumping up the National DJ Chart!!!! to No 20!!

This week Love Song jumps from 31 to 20 in MusicWeek Upfront DJ Chart. That is a very important industry chart!

@Dittomusic @simplemindscom @mrsimonstokes @simpleminds1977

We are in amongst the big labels Epic EMI Columbia Sony Warner Mercury coooool!!!


Re-Mix time..

Great News!!

Mega cool House remixers Hoxton Whores and Sonny Wharton have both gone and given us great "Love Song" remixes...Ibiza here we come!!!

The tracks will be out soon .....stay in touch for the download links :]



Release Day


Finally its release day for our EP titled MMXIII - I

After a ton of hard work from everyone connected with the band we are releasing this 4 track EP of two cover songs and two new songs of…

Final stages

Just putting the final stages of our release website...all really cool...and new. We hope u love the tracks!

Already had a VERY good response to Love Song from a number of people in the industry. Really feel…


After a lot of months of planning, writing, playing, singing, recording and mixing we are finally getting close to releasing some new music...At Last!!!! 

Good things take time...of course some things you think will be great don't quite work out…

Studio here we come!

Studio session now lined up in Edinburgh for November. We will be heading to Chamber Studio....cant wait....always very exciting with a new place, new people, new songs!

They have a great set up there with really cool gear. So our…