Universal You

"If Madonna, Calvin Harris and Mark Tremonti jammed the night away in a hot basement club this is how they might sound. Universal You."



Universal You started as a 2, then became a 5, then a 3 and more recently back to a 2.

Vocals are Gulzhans, a long time resident of Scotland but originally from Kazakhstan, underpinned by the programming and hypnotic synth riffs of writer, guitarist, producer and long time collaborator Paul Finnie; Guitarist Mark Grant added some of the best guitar work on many of their recordings and was a mainstay of their gigging band.

No longer a gigging band, Universal You focus on recording and more recently song writing for other artists. But still the juices flow and the mojo comes back to do something together. Paul and Gulzhan have many tracks in the mix, waiting for suitable post COVID times to finalise the vocals and mixes.

The Universal You which only you find will be the Universal You your imagination plucks from their delicious intentional diversity, and provides your eclectic imagination room to breathe and enjoy everything from Dance to Rap to Rock to Trance, enjoy it all because it is all Your Universal You!

Named after a song by the Cult, Universal You : “All God’s Children, they got heart, they got swagger, they got truth”, and Universal You Give You Truth both sonically and in their words of Life & Love and Reality. They are definitely unique and looking to reach more people disenfranchised by the media pigeonholed universe we inhabit; bringing us both stunning reworked Covers from Metallica and Led Zeppelin and Simple Minds and unique original material:

"..lead guitar licks occupy most of the singles like the tasty jam in "Perfect", but the real allure is frontwoman Gulzhan's vocals. "


"..great soaring vocals and raucous twin guitar sounds.."


"..you are hit by the vocals of Ibraveya which we have to admit are rather attractive.."


"You’ve got to admire a band with something a bit more diverse than the pop-trash norm which we normally get exposed to."


"...acerbic guitar leading to an epic chorus.."


"...the vivacious diminutive singer with the big voice..."